Our Purpose, Vision & Values

Since we became part of Sandfire, we have grown and progressed together, achieving important milestones. Along the way, we have adopted its purpose, vision and values.

Our Purpose

Creating value through opportunity, for:

  • our shareholders
  • our employees
  • the communities in which we operate
  • our customers
  • our suppliers and partners
  • innovation across industry

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an international diversified and sustainable mining company.

Our Values

Our values are essential to our success. They tell a story that is important to us and are designed to guide all who work with us in their day-to-day dealings with each other.


  • Act with integrity in all your dealings
  • Be open to feedback and viewpoints
  • Speak up, be authentic and talk straight
  • Ensure that we do as we say


  • Empower and trust each other
  • Value diversity and act inclusively
  • Understand and respect the communities in which we operate
  • Use real words so we communicate effectively
  • Respect the reputation we’ve earned and our social license to operate


  • Put the company first and work for the shared purpose
  • Collaborate within and across teams
  • Be open to new information, ideas and approaches
  • Invest the time and effort to build strength in your relationships
  • Engage with and value team members
  • Be curious – ask questions, challenge, explore and think together


  • Don’t Walk Past – Safety, Cultural, Operational or Strategic Risks
  • Own our tasks, successes and our mistakes – and learn to improve
  • Be dependable in delivering in your role/s
  • Take responsibility for your priorities, choices, actions and behaviours


    • Excel in planning and execution to drive safety and profitability
    • Bring energy and resilience to your work
    • Deliver on our shared goals
    • Be agile and adaptable when circumstances change
    • Get clear on our performance targets