Sandfire MATSA employs innovative techniques to find new ore deposits. With a mineral resource capable of supporting more than 20 years of mine operations, clear evidence exists of the wealth of the soil in this region of Andalusia.

These results place the company as leaders in exploration in the region, and are the result of Sandfire MATSA’s commitment to geological investigation and the accumulated experience of the professionals in the workforce.

At present they have more than 1,300 square kilometres of prospecting licences in the south of Spain (Andalusia and Extremadura) and over 1,100 km2 in Portugal, thanks to the continuous search for new horizons and to the signing of collaboration agreements with other organisations for the development of exploration projects in the neighbouring country.

operaciones minas aguas

Aguas Teñidas is an underground massive sulphide deposit typical of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, who main reserve is copper ore.