Our Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

During 2023, Sandfire Group’s shared purpose has been reviewed. Together we have worked on a new definition of what our purpose is, reflecting who we are as a company and what we want to achieve.

This new purpose reflects Sandfire’s transition to a major global copper producer and provides a clear and motivating direction for our people across all our mining operations. Moreover, this purpose is aligned with a renewed company strategy for achieving a common goal.

Here is our new purpose:
“We mine copper sustainably to energise the future”

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Our Values

Our values are essential to our success.They tell a story that is important to us and are designed to guide all who work with us in their day-to-day dealings with each other.


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  • Act with integrity in all your dealings
  • Be open to feedback and viewpoints
  • Speak up, be authentic and talk straight
  • Ensure that we do as we say
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  • Empower and trust each other
  • Value diversity and act inclusively
  • Understand and respect the communities in which we operate
  • Use real words so we communicate effectively
  • Respect the reputation we’ve earned and our social license to operate
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  • Put the company first and work for the shared purpose
  • Collaborate within and across teams
  • Be open to new information, ideas and approaches
  • Invest the time and effort to build strength in your relationships
  • Engage with and value team members
  • Be curious – ask questions, challenge, explore and think together
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  • Don’t Walk Past – Safety, Cultural, Operational or Strategic Risks
  • Own our tasks, successes and our mistakes – and learn to improve
  • Be dependable in delivering in your role/s
  • Take responsibility for your priorities, choices, actions and behaviours
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    • Excel in planning and execution to drive safety and profitability
    • Bring energy and resilience to your work
    • Deliver on our shared goals
    • Be agile and adaptable when circumstances change
    • Get clear on our performance targets

If you want to know more about the Sandfire Group’s renewed strategy, we leave you more information our strategy