Our Operations

MATSA Julio 178

Sandfire MATSA employs innovative techniques to find new ore deposits.

Magdalena Mine is 7 kilometres from Aguas Teñidas and can be accessed via an internal road within the Sandfire MATSA facilities in Almonaster la Real.

Sandfire MATSA has two paste plants, one at Aguas Teñidas and the other at Magdalena. It also has a shotcrete plant which produces and supplies this product to the two mines.

This installation is used to store approximately 60% of the tailings resulting from the processing of the ore in the form of paste. The paste deposit has all the necessary environmental controls and guarantees and has been built using a waterproofing system, it has bottom drainage and leak collection systems to prevent environmental damage.

At Sandfire MATSA, production is carried out with full guarantees for the protection of the Health and Safety of everyone working at the facilities.