Magdalena Mine

Magdalena Mine is 7 kilometres from Aguas Teñidas and can be accessed via an internal road within the Sandfire MATSA facilities in Almonaster la Real. Thanks to the extraordinary quality of this deposit, this is a top-level international mining operation.


This valuable deposit was discovered in May 2013 by a team of geologists from Sandfire MATSA. In July 2014, the construction of an investigation ramp was started and, ten months later, in May 2015, the ore was cut for the first time. The operating licence was obtained in July 2015 and in August, ore was extracted from the first chamber of the deposit, obtaining 50 000 tonnes of ore for the plant.

Magdalena Mine and Aguas Teñidas are connected by a 7km roadway, along which the extracted ore is taken to the processing plant.


Magdalena Mine has been built using the highest safety and technology standards in its installations.

The operation has its own building for offices and changing rooms, a mine water treatment plant, which permits the reuse of water from the mine drainage for the drilling equipment, a paste plant and its own electricity substation.

The infrastructure of the interior of the mine includes two ramps to always guarantee two exit routes to the exterior and for improved organisation: a transport ramp exclusively for use by the extraction lorries and another service ramp for mining equipment and access for people. These ramps are concreted for increased safety, improving grip, dust control, water performance and visibility.

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Located in the district of Calañas, just 38 kilometres from Aguas Teñidas.