Main measures to support the community

Sandfire MATSA is committed to delivering a lasting, positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. We do this by contributing to the economic development and social well-being of the local communities through job creation, procuring local goods and services, paying local taxes and royalties, and investments in community initiatives.

The company seeks to create effective relationships to ensure that our activities meet the interests of our stakeholders whilst aligning with their business goals.

Commitment to the well-being of the local communities extends to the neighbouring districts, where Sandfire MATSA sets up programmes aimed at promoting economic, social, educational, cultural and heritage growth, with special emphasis on the following.

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“The strength of the union”
Cooperation Plan

Aimed at strengthening commitment to neighbouring districts. This includes a number of lines of action for fostering initiatives promoted by the town councils, entrepreneurs and social entities.

In direct collaboration with Town Councils to create projects for the improvement of local infrastructures to benefit the community.

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This channels support for local non-profit entities to set up initiatives in areas such as Social Welfare, Education and Training, Culture and Heritage, the Environment and Sport.

Programa Alianza Sandfire MATSA

Programme to foster local development and support for innovation, launched in collaboration with the Regional Government of Andalusia, through the Andalucía Emprende initiative and the IDEA Agency; Huelva Provincial Council and local town councils. It is a laboratory of ideas for finding new business opportunities aimed at contributing to the revival of the region’s business network, promoting stable employment of quality.

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Other programmes

galardones lmpEvery year, Sandfire MATSA awards the “The People’s Mining” prizes in two categories, external and internal. The external category recognises good practices in the area of regional solidarity, while the internal category values the commitment, work, effort and dedication of company employees, recognising the individuals who best identify with the company values.

Entrega de Becas a estudiantes del entornoThe company funds a programme of scholarships to foster access to university education for local young people. At the same time, Sandfire MATSA runs a programme of talks in secondary schools about the mining industry and employment options among the student population.

Rocio Lopez 3Am activity for Primary School children at schools in the provinces of Huelva and Seville, to learn more about mining today.A special feature of this programme is that employees from Sandfire MATSA voluntarily visit the classrooms. The methods used are based on educational, dynamic and fun talks.

la caja magicaThis is a programme for the distribution of school materials to local families with fewer resources and with children in infant education. The materials are delivered at the start of the school year, and are accompanied by the distribution of a thousand mining diaries, illustrated with educational content about the history of mining, the use of metals or the way in which the mineral is extracted. This initiative is carried out in collaboration with AMINER, the Andalusian mining association, with the aim of raising awareness about mining in the youngest section of the population.

donacion pcSandfire MATSA occasionally collaborates with local associations and groups, with the donation of computer equipment, which these entities make available to families or participants of their workshops.

matsa saludableThis initiative seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle in the company. Activities include the “Walking among oranges” initiative; a circuit for walking in the country, across land adjacent to the mines, and other awareness-raising activities for encouraging healthier lifestyles.
Donacion dispositivos movilesThe company periodically launches various campaigns to collect non-perishable foodstuffs, toys in good condition or unused electronic devices for charitable purposes, which are then distributed to local communities or non-profit organizations.
Visita 1As part of their transparency and engagement with local communities’ policy and educational institutions, Sandfire MATSA periodically opens their doors to the general public to spread the knowledge of the activity it develops. This activity consists of a general presentation and a tour of the company’s facilities.

patrimonio cultural

Sandfire MATSA is committed to the preservation of cultural heritage. In 2011, the company carried out archaeological work and discovered a mining settlement from the times of the Roman Empire (First century before and after our era) where ore was already mined in the area.

Sandfire MATSA continues to promote the value of this settlement and seeks to encourage its own workforce and visitors to participate in this cultural experience. Along these lines, Sandfire MATSA set up the project “A window to the past”, an installation that takes the visitor on a journey through the mining processes in Roman times.

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  • Donation of plastic bottle caps: through the Madre Coraje Association from the town of Zufre, the company has donated a tonne of plastic bottle caps to finance medical and orthopaedic treatments for local children.
  • World Environment Day: promotion of activities linked to environmental protection and respect, aimed at students from neighbouring schools.