Shotcrete and Paste Plants

Sandfire MATSA has two paste plants, one at Aguas Teñidas and the other at Magdalena. At this facility, the tailings resulting from the treatment process are mixed with cement to obtain a paste which is used to backfill the mined chambers.

With this process, it is possible to backfill and stabilise the space created in the mining process, a decisive factor in terms of safety, while also optimising the recovery of almost all the site and reducing the area of the paste deposit on the exterior.

The company also has a shotcrete plant at Aguas Teñidas which produces and supplies this product to Aguas Teñidas and Magdalena mines, to strengthen the interior support of the galleries as an additional safety measure.

operaciones deposito pasta

This installation is used to store approximately 60% of the tailings resulting from the processing of the ore in the form of paste.