Paste Deposit

This facility is used to store tailings from the ore processing plant in the form of paste. The paste deposit area has all the necessary environmental safeguards and controls and is built with a waterproofing system, bottom drainage and seepage collection systems to prevent environmental damage.

Sandfire MATSA’s waste management model is innovative, as 50% of waste is reused in the mine’s own stope backfill where the ore came from. The other 50% is sent to our existing paste dump with a solids content of 60-70%. This deposit area, which has been in operation since 2008, has around 3 years of useful life left.

After 15 years in service and without incident, the current facility is scheduled to be decommissioned and rehabilitated in 2026. Sandfire MATSA has designed a plan to extend its operations beyond 2026 by building a new tailings storage facility.

The new facility, which is currently in the legislative process, has been proposed to be built in the municipality of Cortegana, near the village of Valdelamusa. The project has been designed in the most favourable location for environmental, technical, safety and town planning reasons. Its design would meet the highest international standards and would be based on the use of the best techniques.

operaciones seguridad salud

At Sandfire MATSA, production is carried out with full guarantees for the protection of the Health and Safety of everyone working at the facilities.