Ethic Line

With the Ethic Line and the Whistleblowing Procedure, Sandfire MATSA guarantees the existence of a confidential channel for reporting issues where anyone can raise their concerns about breaches of the Sandfire’s Code of Conduct or other internal or external regulations.

The claims received from any employee, collaborator, supplier or third party regarding irregular or reportable practices in Sandfire MATSA’s business are channelled through the Ethic Line.

If you suspect that certain behaviour or events at Sandfire MATSA may be in breach of Sandfire’s Code of Conduct, other standards or the Law, you must report this as soon as possible via the Issue Reporting Service. This can be done online or in person at our Department of Compliance. Remember that this channel is not suitable for reporting emergencies or situations of risk. These require specific channels of communication.

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The Issue Reporting Service is free and confidential and is available via the following channels:



In person or in writing

Department of Regulatory Compliance of Sandfire MATSA

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Additionally, please note:

Telephone:  the telephones lines are not answered by human operators. After listening to an automatic message, the user can leave a voice message giving a detailed description of the facts.

Confirmation of receipt: the user will receive a confirmation of receipt of the message if they leave contact details..

Transcription: the content of reports made in person may be transcribed ad confirmed in writing by the person making the report.

Management: the content of reports made in person may be transcribed ad confirmed in writing by the person making the report.

Monitoring: the person making the report may contact the Department of Compliance at any moment for information about the status of the report.

No reprisals:: the Issues Reporting Service can be used by anyone without fear of disciplinary action or reprisal by the Company.

Data Protection

All personal information is processed by Minas de Aguas Teñidas S. A. U. for the management of their claim. The rights to access, rectification, cancellation, limitation and opposition may be exercised at any moment. Further information about the data processing can be obtained by writing to

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