Our Management Team

Management team

The management team at Sandfire MATSA is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the mining sector, and who share our values to make this a company of reference in the sector.

The leadership of the directors is based on the management of their own teams, supporting them, recognising their efforts and understanding their concerns in order to provide solutions to the problems.

ed rob scargill

Rob Scargill

  • More than 30 years of experience as a mining engineer. He has directed exploration teams, ore processing teams and filled several posts as CEO. 
  • He has been involved in the start-up or reopening of six mines, and the management of major expansions in another three operations. 
  • He has also formed part of the development of the Black Butte underground copper project in the centre of Montana. He currently holds the position of Executive Director of Sandfire MATSA. 
ed Nuria Fresco

Nuria Fresco

  • A degree in Law and Masters in Human Resource Management and Occupational Relations, and a Masters in General Strategic Management.
  • With more than 20 years of experience in HR, she joined Sandfire MATSA in 2020.
  • Previously she worked as an international corporate HR and OR Manager, involved in projects in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.
ed antonio gamiz

Antonio Gámiz

  • A Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Durango Institute of Technology.
  • Almost 30 years of experience in the mining sector. He joined Sandfire MATSA in December 2008 as a consultant for the start-up of the processing plant. He then went on to join the Projects department and has filled the roles of Plant Operations Coordinator and Head of Technical Management for the Plant.
  • Prior to this, in Mexico, his homeland, he worked as a Plant Operations Supervisor at gold, silver and base metal mines.
aden munoz

Adén Muñoz

  • A Master’s degree in mining engineering from the Madrid School of Mines. Specialist Technician on Industrial Minerals and Rocks by Geologists Illustrious Official College of Spain. 
  • More than 25 years of professional experience on base metal mining (both open pit and underground), industrial minerals, and rock mechanics. He joined Sandfire MATSA on October 2018, holding the positions of Facultative Director and Projects, Technical Services Director, and, recently, Underground Operations.
  • Prior to that, he has worked for Rio Narcea Gold Mines and Lundin Mining amongst others acting as Mine Planning Superintendent, Technical Director and Mine Manager.
paz curto

Paz Curto

  • With over 20 years of experience, she began her career at PwC. Her career has been developed in large international mining companies in Spain, Canada, USA and several African countries, leading projects in different areas: financial planning, tax, accounting and reporting, financing, systems implementation, risk management, and internal audit. 
  • She joined Sandfire MATSA in December 2016, performing the functions of Finance Manager. Since the end of November 2023, she has held the position of Finance Director.
ph equipo directivo

Pedro Hernández-Vaquero

  • Mining Engineer and master’s in occupational Risk Prevention. He is also certified as a Project Management Professional (“PMP”).
  • Professional engineer with more than 15 years of experience, he joined Sandfire MATSA in 2019.
  • Previously he has worked for Infraeco Perú, Infrastructure and Ecology and Aqualia.
  • He is currently employed as Project Manager at the Aguas Teñidas and Magdalena mines, Director of Health, Safety and Environment and Project Director.
chris campbell

Christopher Campbell

  • A Bachelor´s degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Alberta (Canada).
  • Over 24 years of mining experience spanning four continents.  Christopher joined Sandfire Matsa in 2021 and has a wide range of experience with respect to start up and operation of underground mines.
  • Christopher has held the position of Mine Manager at several different top tier metal mines in Canada and Indonesia.
ed Ben Harrington

Ben Harrington

  • With more than 27 years’ experience working in mining, 20 of which focussed on the management of Processing Plants, Maintenance and Projects, Safety and Tailing Deposits.
  • Prior to joining Sandfire MATSA as Director of Strategy and Continuous Improvement, at the start of 2022, Ben held the position of Manager at the DeGrussa Processing Plant, belonging to Sandfire Resources (Perth, Australia).

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets outs what is expected of everyone who works for Sandfire MATSA. It represents our commitment to conduct our business in accordance with Our Values and sets out the standards of conduct you can expect from us.

At Sandfire MATSA, we are all equally responsible for ensuring our culture is reinforced and that Our Values are upheld. We promote a culture of open dialogue and expect our people to report any behaviour they perceive as contrary to the conduct and standards established in our Code of Conduct . Concerns can be raised through our Issue Reporting Service

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